Cyberpunk City

Session 001 - TE

In the beginning...

The year is 2058, location: New York City, an always prosperous city that has slowly molded into the hub of the future. Life has become streamline as people are treated like animals, being assigned numbers and jobs inside of Blue Sun, the corporation that had successfully taken over the city by taking out its competitors, whether the means were legal or not. Blue Sun police patrol the streets at all hours, using any reason to use the power given to them. Manhattan has became the headquarters for Blue Sun, the only part of the city that their enforcement really care about, all other parts of the city have fallen by the wayside or are on their way down. Men and woman walk the streets at all hours of the night, being guided by the endless flashing neon lights as they look for the next new high. Delerium dens come and go faster than the highs of the people who go to be one with the sea of sweaty bodies, faces masked by the strobe lights. This is where the story begins. It is 3 am, Dick Reckard finds himself stumbling home from a Delerium den, his head still clouded and his steps staggered.

Dick used to be on the New York Police force years back, assigned to the Kindergarten Cop Division. Everything was going well, pay was good and Dick was on his way up. Until that one day where everything went to hell. Murdered a kid by Trinity kicking him out of a 5th story window. At the time, Dick was certain that the kid was apart of a cyber terrorist organization and the key board he was holding was actually a bomb intended to blow up the school. Looking back on it, Dick decided that the kid was actually just on SpaceBook and the keyboard he was holding was just in self defense, and a hopped up Dick charged at him. No reason to worry about the past Dick always told himself.

Dick rummaged his hand around his pocket, two Delerium vials clinked off one another as his rubbed his fingers against the smooth cardboard of a match book. As he turned the corner, Dick heard the sound of a trash can being banged around in the near by alley way. Dick, confused by the copious amounts of Delerium and buckets of alcohol, decided it would be a good idea to peer his head into the alleyway. As he looked down the dark alley, he saw what appeared to be a homeless man struggling to get back into his rocket powered 2400XG model wheelchair, the word “Wheels” stitched into the back of the seat. Dick, whether it being from the state of his mind or because he really is as his names suggests, let out an abrupt laughter. The homeless man, embarrassed and full of all that fake pride that homeless people have, pulled himself into his wheel chair and started the chair, sending him flying down the alley way towards dick, broken bottle in hand.

originally sent 3.15.2012 @ 1:53PM – -TE-


Everytime I read “Trinity kicked him out a 5th story window” I lose it.

Session 001 - TE

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