Cyberpunk City

Session 002 - RP


I had to move, but man was I wasted. The crazy homeless man was going at least 100MPH in his 2400XG. Even through the Delirium cloud, my reflexes from being a cop kicked in and I knew I only had precious seconds before the Homeless Man fragged me. Noticing the bottle the bum broke had covered him in alcohol, I pulled the match book out of my pocket and struck a match, tossing it directly at him, then I dove to the side…

“Wait wait wait, YOU SET HIM ON FIRE, RECKARD!?”

Pris, the waitress at the late night Diner, CYBEREAKFAST, interrupted me. I looked up at her behind the counter and tried not to stare directly at her augmented third breast.

“Yeah, well he was going pretty fast and had a bottle…JUST LET ME FINISH.”

I took another swig of coffee with entirely too much whiskey in it and continued.

I dove into a pile of broken circuit-boards as the homeless man whizzed past at mock 5. He burst into flames immediately and crashed into the back of a busted van. After standing up and getting my bearings I walked towards the smoldering wreckage. It was strange to see the flames crackling while on Delirium, they started making shapes and figures. I started to see an image of a child with a keyboard when suddenly the Bum stood up and turned out to be a T4000 Assassination droid! All that remained was his metal skeletal frame as he slowly walked towards me. It spoke:

“I am here to Terminate you, RICHARD RECKARD.”

“Jesus, honey. That’s pretty wild.”

“I know, right. Well I ran like hell and came here. I slowed the thing down a bit with the fire but I’m more worried why it was trying to kill me in the first place. Anyways, I’ve had enough shit for tonight, I’m heading back to my apartment. I have to follow some schmuck’s wife tomorrow morning to see if she’s cheating on him. "

I stared directly at her middle breast for way too long. I spoke again.

“Or you could come with me…”

“Nice try, Dick.”

She walked into the back. I grabbed a steak knife off the counter before I left CYBEREAKFAST and began my trek back to the apt. More than anything I wished I had my gun with me. I had a million questions swirling around in my Delirium soaked mind. Who sent the T4000 after me? Was it an old gang I busted while on the force? An ex girlfriend? And who is in that black Dodge Hover-Sedan following me?

originally sent 3.15.2012 @ 2:45PM – -RP-



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