Cyberpunk City

Session 006 - RP


I awoke to the sound of a loud crash. I pulled the LAZ-50 out from under my pillow and swung it towards the door.

RIGHT-CLICK HERE and open in a new tab/window. Start reading when music starts.

Waiting….Waiting….Waiting….head pounding.

There was silence for too long. I got out of bed and slipped on a pair of cargos and an old wife beater. Creeping slowly towards the door to the apartment I heard shuffling outside. My body is now pressed against the wall next to the door.

I waited…………………………………..

The door flew off it’s hinges and machine gun fire spewed at the bed where I was sleeping moments earlier, ripping it to shreds. I grab the front of the gun peeking in the doorway, burning my hand from the hot barrel. I pull the man inside, press the LAZ to his head, and pull the trigger. Blood and bits of brain spray in my face and I can’t see shit.

I wipe my face on my shirt as I frantically fall to the ground and start firing wildly towards the open doorway. I take a breath.


Hopping up to my feet I throw my trench coat on and boots and grab my remaining credits. The brass knuckles clink against my Cybershades as I creep towards the mangled doorway. I jump into the hallway and point my LAZ down towards the far end…

Dark hallway 3x4 72 dpi

Nobody. I pop back in and check the corpse. It was one of the goons from Astoria who was following me in the Hover-Sedan. He has 500 Credits on him and I sling his SMG-7 over my shoulder. I tear a piece of my shirt and wrap it around my burnt hand. Now I’m back in the hallway pointing my LAV in the direction of the stairs at the end of the hallway. Creeping slowly and shaking from the Delerium and recent brain explosion (my figurative headache and the goon’s literal headache) I creep all the way to the end of the hallway, fading in and out of the lights as I pass. The stairs start at a landing and turn at a right angle around the corner to the left so I press myself against the wall and take a quick peak around the corner. Nothing. There’s a window looking into the parking lot on the landing so I go to it and peak outside. Down in the lot is the black Hover-Sedan. Can’t tell how many people are in the car. There’s some voices at the bottom of the stairs in the lobby:

“I heard shots, you think he’s dead yet?”

“Just be patient, he will signal when it’s clear to leave this post. Till then we don’t let anyone down these stairs.”

“Fuck Vincent, he should take care of his own problems instead of sending top brass on these joke assignments.”

“If he doesn’t signal us in 1 minute I’ll check on him.”

Fuck. FUCK FUCK. There’s at least two more in the lobby and who knows how many in the Hover-Sedan outside. Gotta think. Thinking hurts like hell when going through withdrawal. I can’t handle this shit. There’s gotta be another way outta here…

Almost on instinct I’m holding a vial of Delerium in my hand.

originally posted 3.17.2012 @ 10:27PM – -RP-



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