Cyberpunk City

Session 007 - TE

Push it to the Limit

[Hold onto your butts]

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I knew a front on assault would be suicide. I needed to set a trap to phazer these goons and the Delerium coursing through my veins told me exactly how. Delerium was a wicked high, followed by a serious crash, and I knew I would need the kick to get my ass through this. Marching back down the hall, I step over the dead goon and make my way to the kitchen, I had precious moments left.

“looks like I gotta find a new place to sleep”

I thought, the Delerium soaking quickly into my brain.

Hermann was no chump when it came to getting a hold of some serious Drium, the five vials he gave me must be worth at least four grand on the street.

“Look’s like Hermann really did take pity one me”

I thought as I pulled the Cyberonics Stove Master 3900 away from the wall, gripping the hydrogen cables and ripping them out of the back of the piece of shit stove with a fancy name. Pulling an arm chair close to the kitchen, I tuck the metal cables spewing gas underneath the chair leg, and set myself down, me and the spewing hydrogen wires facing the door.


Deus ex human revolution

The next few moments of silence were some of the most calm moments of my life. I went within my self and navigated the power distribution to my Augs. Augs were based mainly off a cybernetic core within the spinal cord of the user, but every Aug used took energy away from the user itself. I set my power level to 9000, a power level that would break any fools Capsule Crops Scouter. I had pure adrenaline pumping through my body, fueling my Augs. My muscles tensed with power. I was a ticking time bomb, waiting to be set off.

I heard them coming from the moment they took a step towards the stairs. By the time they reached the top of the stairs I could here them breathing with my Augs set as high as they were.

“I haven’t been this juiced in a long time”

A voice said somewhere far off in my brain.

The two goons from the lobby slowed, seeing the pile of SMG-7 shells that littered the silent hallway. I blew a smoke ring and took a shot Casieum, alcohol strong enough to take an edge off the oncoming pain. It was my third shot. The goon leading the way peered his head around the shattered door frame, just as my laser sight touches his forehead, sending a bullet ripping through the air, shooting through the smoke ring and blowing cherry pie all over the hallway wall.

“3…2….1…” I threw my cigarette towards the door.

The second goon, jumped into the doorway, SMG-7 cocked and loaded. Before a single shot can be fired, a fireball erupts from the Hydrogen cables, sending an Yoga Flame spewing out into the hallway, toasting goon 2.

Standing, I flex every muscle in my body, breathing deeply, the coded world around me moving with me as i inhale and exhale. Gripping the SMG 7 tightly, I run out of the apartment and towards the stairwell. Before I was half way down the hallway, two goons appeared out of the stairwell. I let bullets fly without hesitation as I planted my foot at the base of the left wall. running the next 15 feet on the wall, dodging the bullets that fired wildly from the stairwell.

The sound of bullets ripping through the skin of one of the goons amongst the chaos, was drowned out by the scream echoing in my ears that erupted from the goon.

My feet planted firmly back on the ground, I ran towards the remaining goon, who hide around the corner, desperately trying to reload is SMG-7. I threw my empty SMG-7 to the ground as I neared the corner.


the sound of the goons magazine loading into the SMG-7s chamber went off like a cannon in my ear as I reached the corner to the stairwell. The goon sprang around the corner , my shoulder catching him squarely in the chest, his bullet ripping through the flesh of my thigh.

I heard the sound of his shoulder crack upon impact. I barely felt the bullet. The smell of burnt flesh was my tip off.

“Only a flesh wound”

I looked over the banister to the lobby, 5 floors down.

“14”. I quickly count the number of goons piling up the stairs.

“More than I have bullets for”

I calculate quickly as I ran back down the hallway, towards the remains of my ‘safe house’. Feeling the sweat between my hands and the LAZ-50 and old Flichette revolver that I gripped in each hand. The end of he hallway was too far, I was cutting it close. I heard the bullets erupt from somewhere behind me, I junged the last few feet, turning backwards, unloading my two hand cannons as I went crashing through the window. A massive jolt went searing through my brain, blinding me and my Aug systems. I felt the blood erupt from my right shoulder blade and left leg. At least four bullets aimed at me had made contact. I had more important things to worry about.

Deus ex

Quickly redirecting a major portion of my remaining Aug power to my legs, a bright aura protected my body as a huge jolt shook my boned as I crushed the Black Hover-Sedan and the goon driver waiting for the job to be over.

Staggering, out of breath from the reamins of the wrecked car

“Bang!” “Bang!” “Ting!” “Bang!” “Ting!” “Arrggghhh!!” “Bang bang!” “Ting ting!” “Bang!”

The deafening sounds of bullets erupting from the ends of my pistols, blood dripping down me, my sight blurry as I tag the guy waiting at the entrance to the building.

I stumble my way into a the alley across the street, firing blindly over my shoulder. Bullets break off chunks off bricks around me. I crash over garbage cans, slipping and stumbling on the rotting trash. I see two blinding lights at the end off the alley way, the sound of a woman yelling amongst the carnage. I see the outline of a woman amongst the blinding headlights, a few feet away.


The last I remember was the feel of the hot slug that burned its hole through my back and out my chest and the image I remember was the face of Pris, as I fell tweaked and blood soaked into her arms.


originally posted 3.20.2012 @3:12AM – -TE-



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