Cyberpunk City

Session 008 - RP

Reflection 2.0

All was a blur. Some images of movement through neon lights…

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I awoke to the sound of running water.

Saying my entire body ached was an understatement. Bandages covered me from head to toe as I lay on an old couch in someone’s apartment.


I lift my arm to grab a glass of water on the table and I realize I’m plugged into a Rechargeatron100X. Must’ve pushed my Augs to their limit. A lightning sharp pain travels through my body as I try to sit up.

“You ain’t goin’ anywhere, honey.”

Pris steps out of the tiny alcove across the apartment that doubles as the kitchen. She is holding a tea pot and pours boiling water into an old mug on the table next to the couch.

“Drink this. It’s better than Delirium.”

I looked at her slightly ashamed and took 3 painful sips before plopping my head back down on the couch.

" Pris, what were you doing there? "

She sat back and lit a Cygarette. The little nanomachines filtering tar in and out of her lungs. Leave it to tobacco companies to develop a more efficient way to inhale poison.

“I went by your apartment to see how you were, I hadn’t seen ya since you came to CYBEREAKFAST on the run from that T4000 Assassination Droid. When I got there your place was trashed. There were 2 BlueSun goons in your apartment and I overheard them saying something about “Narrowing down Reckard’s position” to the address I found you at. You’re lucky I got there when I did."

I reached for my bag with The Delirium vials in it. My hand was slapped away with surprising swiftness by Pris.

“You wanna die, jackass!? Your body is barely keepin’ together as it is. Ya’ need to flush out your system for a few days. Preferably forever.”

I laid back defeated trying to stifle my aggravation. She may have saved my life but first chance I get I’m takin’ the Delirium train Wonderland.

“So those were BlueSun goons after me. I guess that T4000 is theirs as well. Why the hell do they want me fragged so badly? and how the hell did they know where I was?”

" Well that’s the real question isn’t it. Ask your buddy Gunther Hermann. He either set you up or his ass is bugged. As for why they want you dead, you’d know more about that than anyone else. Maybe you got some good dirt on one the higher ups when you were a cop. "

She pulled out the crumpled piece of paper with the name Hermann gave me.

" I do know that this Vincent Shin guy’s name popped up a few times in relation to the bull shit BlueSuns. "

I looked at Pris for a long moment. My head was pounding like a jackhammer, and I needed a fix bad but through the pain and fog my Cop senses always prevail.

“Pris, why did you really come to find me? You seem to know a shit-load more about what’s goin’ on than I do. You also made it pretty clear that dancing with the tri-titty diva was off-limits.”

She smiled. After a long drag on her Cygarette she spoke:

“I was coming to recruit your services.”

“As a P.I.?”

“Not exactly.” She exhaled slowly. “I know as a cop you weren’t supposed to question authority but everyone knows BlueSun is the Devil in corporate form and you weren’t afraid to try and take down any of those scumbags for breaking the law, regardless of how futile it was. You were one of the few good ones before fuckin’ your life up bad.”

I knew she was right but all I cared about at the moment was getting high. She spoke and I snapped out of it:

“I’m not just a waitress ya know. That’s just the front, my true passion is stickin’ it to BlueSun any chance I get. You heard of the Panther Moderns?”

“Yeah, some sort of self-proclaimed resistance fighters. I remember picking up a few of them guys for vandalism and vigilante raps when I was on the force. Was always jealous of them not having to deal with bullshit rules and regulations when taking down scum bags. Why, you one of the P’Mods?”

Another long drag. “I am the Panther Moderns. Their leader that is.”

My tea mug crashed to the ground.

originally sent 3.21.2012 @ 3:39PM – -RP-



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