Cyberpunk City

Session 009 - TE

Gone Clubbin'

4 days later…..

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I approached the doors of Hypnotica, the largest Delerium den that was inside the city limits. My body pulsed with the bass that was pumping inside. It was one of the few dens that were able to keep themselves open for more than a month, mainly due to the fact that it also doubled as one of the biggest fronts for Delerium and any other concoction you wanted to have pulsing through your veins. Hypnotica was a little too mainstream for me, too many people, too many hired goons hiding in the shadows, too many risks. The gorilla of a thug checked me through the front door. I had to keep my weapons at Pris’s, but I was able to smuggle in my brass knuckles in case things got out of hand.

“With a den this huge, who knows what could happen” I thought clearly. It felt odd not having any part of my brain soaked with Delerium. The first 3 days at Pris’ I spent recovering from my four story free fall gun fight and recovering from the violent bouts of vomiting and chills that raked my body from the sudden withdraw from Delerium. I walked through the second set of doors, a sea of hundreds of people spread before me.

Tao edc rave crowd caesar sebastian

“Jesus…..” I thought slowly pulling out a small picture Pris had given me, with the name “Deakan Black” written elegantly below the picture of a man.


“How the hell am I supposed to find this guy….” Pris wanted me to find this guy, a man who would be able to point me in the right direction to sort out the mess Pris wanted me to clean up. Some new gang had cropped up on the abandoned slums that dotted the outskirts of the city. They called themselves the “Arc Reapers” and they were causing some trouble with the P’Mods. Pris told me finding him would be difficult and would cause me some problem.

“Whatever the hell that means” I thought scanning the crowd.

Stuffing the picture back into my pocket, I plunged into the sea of bodies, fighting my way to the bar. The smell of sweat filled my nose almost making me gag. I could see the dilated pupils of everyone around me, I could taste the Delerium coming off their breath. I began to sweat. Instinctively I reached into my pocket, feeling the smooth cold vials of Delerium against my fingers….

“…..No…. Not now. Only if I need too” I struggled to pull my hand out of my pocket. I normally didn’t mind going for a ride while working, but this was different, Pris was a friend and after finding out who she really was, I didn’t want to get on her bad side.

I got to the bar after 5 minutes of pushing and sliding my way against the people that pulsed together, as if apart of one hive mind. The bar tender got to me after another 5 minutes which I spent idly looking at all the girls that I wouldn’t mind cybering with….

“You want some more?” The bartenders voice pulled me out of my fantasy that I was forming with an Aug chic that if fucked as well as she danced….

“Umm…” I pushed the thoughts out of my head “I’m actually looking for someone mac, you ever heard of a guy named Deaken Black?”

It didn’t take a genius to figure out that I had just asked the wrong fucking question, hell I could take every Delerium vile I had in my pocket and would’ve been able to read the look on the bartenders face. My trained eye noticed the subtle movement of his left hand, clearly pushing a silent alarm, as three men at the end of the bar in which I stood, two on my left and one on my right, stood to face me, hands reaching inside of their jackets.

“….Man I really wish I took a ride before I walked in…” I thought grimly.

originally sent 3.26.2012 @ 1:53PM – -TE-



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