Cyberpunk City

Session 010 - McK

Dancing with the Devil in the Pale Moon Light

My fingers were toying with the Delerium vials as the goon-squad advanced.

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“Better late than never”, I thought. There is no way I can handle this shit sober. I knew the only way to get my fix would be a wild ride, the kids these days call it Cyeballing.

I grab a half-finished glass off whiskey off the bar, slug it down in one gulp. In one fluid motion I tilt my head back and I peel open my eyelids, I pop open the vial letting that devilish nectar wash over my corneas…the words “maybe this wasn’t the best eyedea” trailed off into the corner of my mind.

One goon spoke up, “You’re coming with us.” Each word takes shape, colors dancing and blending with my surroundings. I feel a tight grip on my shoulders and am lead through the crowd, too lost in the visual playground taking place to put up a fight. Awareness is fading fast, and the frame-rate of my vision slows to a standstill, offering only brief pictures of my surroundings.

Right click open in new tab/window. Start Music.

Maybe it was bad Delerium…or really good, or was it the Cyeballing. My feet stagger, as I get dragged along…a feeling of dread wells up from my stomach. I fight to stay conscious within myself. My hand fumbles inside my pocket and then slides into the cold metal of the brass knuckles. I elbow the thug on my right in the throat, he falls to the floor gagging and gasping for air. I turn and throw a nice hook square in the nose of goon #2. A stream of blood squirts from his face, which seems to stay suspended in air.

The next images I see are the contorted faces of the crowd as I push by them. Their twisted smiling and laughing faces are what nightmares are made of. I have no clue how long I push through the sea of people, it feels like an eternity…and there is still one more guy close behind me somewhere. I don’t slow down to find out. I feel a hand grab my arm, instinctively I spin around swinging, apparently it was just some cyberaver girl with really nice tits that was feeling frisky from the drugs she was on. I punched her so hard the glowsticks fly out of her hair. No time for apologies…I continue pushing through the crowd.

Finally I reach a wall. I follow it until I come upon the first door I can find. My blood-soaked hand frantically clawing at the knob. “LOCKED, FUCK!” I start my way down the wall again. An exit sign glows in the distance. Seems like I didn’t lose my tail, goon #3 body slams me against the wall. Me and the brute exchange a series of blows, but his size is overwhelming. He wraps his big fat fingers around my throat and I throw as many punches as I can into his kidneys…he winces in pain and I think I broke at least a couple of his ribs. But his grip tightens and I finally allow myself the sweet surrender of falling into inky darkness the Delerium desired.


Right Click open in new tab/window. Start Music.

“Wake up.” The spikey haired man said with a firm slap.“Your multi-pass says Richard Reckard huh? Well Dick, you’ve got balls coming in her like that” the man chuckled in his own amusement.

“Never heard that one before.. you must be Deaken.” I surveyed the room, this guy seems to be quite the tech junkie.

“Yes, but only a few people get to call me by that name” he said with a glare.

“Pris sent me here, I was looking for information about the Arc Reapers.”

“Pris huh? We go way back. Well you don’t get something for nothing, and Pris should have known better than sending you in here begging for data…and by a strange course of a events, you might be useful to me. The Arc Reapers are a new gang, not very bright, but their quickly growing numbers is becoming a threat. they’ve been pushing their way in on my Delerium trade hurting my business. They even managed to raid a corporation research lab.”

“So what does that have to do with me?”

“Me and the Arc Reapers were going to try and cut a deal. They scored a lot of classifieds files, and even stole some prototypes. They’re too dumb to do anything with it, and I want to take it off their hands, maybe make some profit on the black markets. The deal goes down tonight, but I don’t trust them. You get to be the messenger boy.”

“How about I give you the finger..” Deaken cut me off.

“I’ll give you a briefcase of credits, take it to the abandoned light-rail station that’s where their hideout is, they’ve been using the underground tunnels to get around town easily. If you disappear with the money or the goods, I’ll not only find and kill you, but Pris will die too.”

originally sent 3.27.2012 @ 11:21AM – -McK-


Cyeballing made me lol. As well as the Matrix reference towards the end.

Session 010 - McK

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