Cyberpunk City

Session 015 - TE


7 Hours later…..

RIGHT CLICK open in new tab/window. Play Music.

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I skipped and glided between routers and access points, a spectrum of colors danced around me, my body one with the jet stream of iridescence. I knew how to capture the data I was hunting and the grin on my subconscious showed it.

Somewhere in the real world, far away from my weightless consciousness, an Asian man named Ken is sitting at a terminal monitoring my progress

I was soaring; jumping through code breakers, and shutting down PASSes (Proxy Artificial Security Systems) at the last second. I was built for this. Decrypting this intel’s security was child’s play and my newly found addiction craved a challenge.

" Forget the new hardware the jacked me into this network… I was meant for this." I watched as my own thought seemed to form a color of its own, leaving my body and joinng the stream of data that raced past me.

Acid stared at the DAT (Data Assimilation Terminal) that sat before Ken

“Damn, that son of a bitch is quick” Acid commented between gulps of Xyania (An alcohol from Mars that would drive the weaker man insane from addiction)

Ken grunted in response to Acid. Ken had quickly grown to dislike the obnoxious meat sac that was Acid.

“What happens when he faces the Hydra?!” The excitement on Acid’s face was palpable “No ones ever broke’n in before!” Acid finished with a final swig of his Xyania.

Ken let out and aggravated sigh as he started at the neuroboard that sat on his lap, his fingers furiously following and decoding the Cybernetic World, “Why don’t you keep mouth shut for minute and we’ll see??”
Ken’s English was par at best.

The walls of neon flew along my sides. My mind was intertwined with the data stream that raced towards the neural hub. The purple masses, which I learned from a lvl.3.Spaceware_Defense_Mechanics program that was uploaded into my abilities hours ago, were aptly named Sentries, raced past me, blending into the current of color that flew past. I was a ghost. I flew towards their central hub, using my ability to disrupt any incoming frequencies to blend in with the blue energy stream that pulsed with data. A ring of neon purple towers came into view in the distance. They formed a protective wall around a massive tower of orange light that stretched into the cyber cosmos.

“It’s only a matter of moments before I emerge from this hard line, beyond the systems primary defenses and fry this bitch” My thoughts, unbeknownst to me, appeared on the screen before Ken and Acid. My body, which I had found out was only a mental projection of my brain, tensed with anticipation.

“I hope that cocky son of a bitch gets his ass handed to him” Acid stated, a maniacal metal grin spreading across his face.

Ken couldn’t resist the urge to smirk “Well we’ll see how he does against the Core’s Defensive Hydra….”

The blue energy that I surfed on quickly split into two lines, a breaker position at each one, equipped with two PASSes. I felt my mental keyboard sending out commands, quickly setting a delayed tripwire on the left hardline, while I rerouted its energy into the right line, over loading the PASS momentarily as I slipped by. The tripwire went off as soon as I was clear, sending out a blast of yellow corrupted data streams, rebooting the two PASS’s. The world took on a red tint as alarms went off and Sentries raced past in a blur, heading towards the downed PASSes. If done correctly, what had just happened will show up as a temporary overload of data, where the second PASS, which is the systems fail safe, wasn’t able to handle the extra data. A completely normal occurrence within any system.

“No real damage done….. well not yet anyways” Grinning, I kicked on the overdrive and dove through a sub router which shot through a crack in the Neural Hubs defensive wall.

“Now let’s see what this punks really got” Acid said as he held on to the back of Ken’s chair, clearly the Xyania taking its effect. Ken’s eyes were dark and his smile was sadistic.

I saw the beacon of white light at the end of the green tube of energy that I raced along.

“There’s my exit…” 10 seconds to interface “Lets hope this proves a challenge” 6 seconds to interface “Psh, I’ll take this system offline without a trace” 1 second to impact.

RIGHT CLICK open in new tab/window. Play Music.

I broke through the white light, emerging inside the massive towering walls of neon green. Between my virtual body and the massive orange conduit, which I now noticed seemed to have metallic white paneling wrapped around its base, were thousands of colorful data cubes, with numerous lines of data flying between them. They hung suspended in space among dozens of Sentries that all turned and zoomed towards me. The air turned red with light as the sub router I entered through solidified and became a part of the rippling neon purple walls. I was trapped in a virtual Colosseum.

“Fuck! I didn’t even see any trip wires on that exit!”

Ken continued to grin. Acid’s laughter boomed.

I shot off, skimming along the purple walls, I felt the light skipping off of the wall as they pulsed, like little lightning bolts pricking my skin. Glancing over my shoulder I saw the dozens of Sentries in hot pursuit. I launched commands from my brain through the palm of my hand that stretched out behind me, launching a beam of white hot data. The COD (Corrupt Offensive Data) struck a Sentry, its energy spiking, causing it to vaporize and assimilate with the streams of data around it.

I dove into a web of data streams, spiraling and twisting my way through the webs. One touch would overload my system and take a major toll on my defensive programs. The sentries followed without hesitation. Two sentries nicked the data wires, overloading themselves with the massive amounts of data that coursed through them, causing their bodies to vaporize and assimilate into the wires that just phased them.

I emerged from the spider’s web of neon data streams, still dozens of Sentries were on my tail. I let another three COD’s fly, vaporizing a sentry with every hit. Still the Sentries surged towards me, launching spikes of electricity, jolting my systems slightly.

“I’m not even making a dent in their defenses” I thought as I began an upward spiral around the massive orange conduit. “I can’t keep this up much longer” Looking down, I saw the horrifying truth. Dozens of Sentries began to form and separate away from the purple wall that imprisoned me.
“…This entire system… it’s one fucking huge hive defensive grid….” I knew I was in over my head. Ken kept grinning.

My mind racing I noticed two green hard lines running out of the orange conduit, clearly where all the data in this system was processed. I had an idea. I raced towards one of the hard lines, crunching codes and punching out a list of commands. I felt the energy growing in my right hand. A blue ball of energy with orange electricity dancing around its surface formed in my hand. It was scary having this much power. I loved it.

“Let’s see how you like this!” The yell echoing in my mind, as the viral data bomb shot from my hand, making contact with the hard line, which seized with a spike of green light, which slowly faded into a dead gray. The world around me shook as I severed the main line. The sentries fell lifeless around me, no longer having commands.

“You shouldn’t have done that” Ken whispered to himself, the cold smile still on his face. “You’re going to wake the beast…”

The world continued to shake around me as dozens of data cubes exploded and data streams collapsed. I hadn’t done enough damage to shut the server down, there was still a chance for me to obtain the data I was sent after.

“Although some of it might have just become corrupted….” I thought as I glanced around for an access point to the processing unit of the orange conduit. I noticed far below me, among the explosions of color and data that the metallic panels had begun to slide away from the conduit.

“Oh fuck….”


originally sent 04.10.2012 @ 1:05PM – -TE-



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