Cyberpunk City

Session 026 - RP


I was in no condition to do anything of value towards handling this situation, but then again I was still high on Delerium so all common sense went out the window the minute I took a trip in the back of the hover-truck.

After Deakon and his boys head into the warehouse I slouch down on the ground against the cyberdumpster. I had to assess the situation. Deakon is clearly a rat piece of shit, that’s obvious, but to what end? If he is working for Shin, or for BlueSun for that matter, then he may already know about our preparations for the assault on the Gibson.

I should’ve gone back to Pris. I was high, beat up from the impact of the water and beyond exhausted.

But Pris and the others were now in danger, and that shit doesn’t fly with me. Deakon had to go.

RIGHT CLICK open in new tab/window. Play Song.

The doors of the warehouse started to close. My adrenalin started picking up again and the Delerium was still flowing strong. My eyes darted to the roof then the surrounding buildings. There was no clear entry to the warehouse save the closing large metal door, so I went for it. Running full speed towards the closing warehouse door I booked it at hyper-speed and with a dive and roll I’m underneath the door seconds before it clinks against the ground sealing me in. I jumped to my feet and am met by the same 2 goons that jumped me at Deakon’s club.

My fist went flying on it’s own. hitting the goon with the bandaged nose square in the neck. He drops to the ground. A fist from the other guy aims for my face but my new neural implants from Ryath move his fist to a crawl. I block his punch and immediately after my foot connects with his chest sending him flying into a pile of boxes. The box he hits breaks and spits out several “lucky cat” action figures. One of the figures hits the ground hard and cracks…spilling several vials of Delerium.

The boxes that line the Warehouse walls from floor to ceiling are full of the Red Death.


Shit. Deakon has been keeping busy. He must run the entire Delerium trade for this part of the city.

Not a second after the goon hit the boxes, Deakon appears on an upper level catwalk. “Reckard, what the hell are you doing here!? You fucked up by coming here you know that!?”

“So, has BlueSun has been lining your pockets all along you rat fuck! Pris trusted you!”

“Business is business, Reckard. BlueSun makes me more of a profit than your Resistance does. Nothing personal.”

I was fuming with anger. “Was that why you were dealing with that asshole Shin!?”

Deakon shook his head. “Do you think I could go on running my club and selling Delerium without BlueSun knowing about it!? They OWN me, Reckard. They own this whole city. The sooner you embrace that fact, the easier you life becomes.”

I looked around and noticed several of Deakon’s goons, all wearing expensive black suits with neon stitching, getting into position at various points around the warehouse. “Well Deakon, they don’t own me.” I dive towards a push cart and start gliding at light-speed down one of the aisles between endless boxes of Delerium. Bullets start flying and a few rip through the boxes spraying the Red death all over me as I jet past.

“DON’T HIT THE PRODUCT YOU LOWLIFES!” I hear Deakon scream as I fly out of sight. “DON’T HIT THE BASTARD’S HEAD NEITHER, OR I’M A DEAD MAN!” Deakon then takes off towards an elevated room in the center of the warehouse.

I hit the far wall and a suit comes around the corner, gun raised. I break his hand in three places in a flash and flip him over, sending him colliding into some shelves. Darting deeper into the aisles I come to a dead end. Chaos and confusion are behind me as Deakon’s goons are combing up and down the aisles desperately searching for me. None of these clowns are of importance, but Deakon needed to go. That miserable piece of cybertrash won’t get away with his betrayal.

I flip T4’s Rifle from my back around into my hands. Grabbing onto a link of chain used to pull boxes up to higher levels, I shoot the link that’s connected to the base and a large pallet of Delerium boxes comes plummeting towards the Warehouse floor, launching me like a rocket up to the upper catwalks. Three suits tear around the corner only to be crushed by the weight of the pallet. I land with the grace of an elephant on the catwalk and run towards what looks like a control room for cranes and most likely security systems for the warehouse. My vision still hazy from Delerium, the catwalk starts to look like the scales of a giant snake, like the ones I used to see in the synthetic animal store on my way home from my all night Delerium binges. Bullets and shouting fly in my direction as I run across the long Snake’s back towards the control room. I stop at the halfway point and eye up some shelves down below. I pop the rifle over the catwalk railing and zero in on a few connector bolts for some shelves. Firing three ultra-loud shots, I successfully take down a crucial support for the upper-shelf Delerium crates, sending them crashing down on some unsuspecting goons below. I duck back down as some others return fire, then pop back over the railing to cripple a few more connector bolts followed by another avalanche of Red.

The floor of the Warehouse now looked like a sea of blood. Suits below are slipping and crying out in pain from various wounds caused by the falling debris. I use the confusion to travel the rest of the journey along snake-way towards the Control Room holding Deakon.

A few suits are running down a perpendicular catwalk towards my position next to the control room. I charge up my leg-augs and jump 6 feet in the air before landing with a thundering crash, causing the other catwalk holding the goons to shake violently tipping a few of them over the side into the blood sea below. The last guy is disoriented as I line him up in my Rifle scope and take his head clean off his shoulders. I am taken aback for a moment as his lifeless, headless body tumbles over the edge. Only at that point did I notice a few flesh wounds on my leg and shoulder, bleeding. The Delerium that had covered me from the boxes was seeping through my skin and into my wounds. I was beginning to see everything in an almost negative color scheme and all sounds were amplified around me. I couldn’t stop now, Pris and the others’ lives were depending on me stopping this scumbag.

I only had one more good burst left for my augs before I had to recharge so I had to use it wisely. I peaked through a tiny window into the control room and saw three suits with Deakon behind them in the corner. They were all pointing weapons at the door to the control room waiting for me to stroll through and get lit up. Good thing I didn’t need to use the fucking door.

I charge up the rest of my Aug energy and punch a man-sized hole through the back of the control room wall and grab Deakon by the neck, holding him like a shield in front of me. The three goons are disoriented for a minute from my unexpected entry so I aim the Rifle at the ground below their feet and blast a large hole through it sending the goons falling from the suspended control room towards the chaos below. I spin Deakon around to face me and grab him by his neck, the hole in the ground only inches from his heels.

“Tell me what I wanna hear, Deakon.” I start to squeeze his neck.

cough “Ok, ok just chill. Like I said it wasn’t personal, just business, Reckard.”

“How much does BlueSun know about the Resistance and our plan?” Deakon pauses a minute before I squeeze even harder and he starts to talk. “AHH OK, cough I told them about your plan to assault the Gibson and they know where you guys are hiding. I really don’t know shit other than I just pay them a hefty sum every month to keep them off my back while I do my Delerium thing, and I also let them know of any terrorist activities I come across during my sales that could potentially harm their company. Which is a category your resistance falls into”

My stomach sank like a ball of lead. “YOU WERE TIPPING THEM OFF TO US THE WHOLE TIME!?” I couldn’t contain my fury. For all I know Pris, Vela, Ryath, Ken, they were all dead. “I BET THAT’S WHERE SHIN IS HEADING RIGHT NOW, ISN’T IT?!”

Deakon mustered a smile through his bloody teeth. "Wrong Reckard, just minutes ago an alarm went off in a building owned by BlueSun. They say a robot and a mow-hawk giant have broken in and were causing a ruckus. They are close to discovering some sensitive information to BlueSun. Shin was supposed to overlook my next Delerium shipment but was sent away to “take care of the problem” before any information was dug up." T4 and Acid Burn were in a shit storm of trouble, and I had no way to warn them.

Deakon sees me deep and thought and speaks. “So Reckard, I gave you more info than I needed to in good faith so how ‘bout you rethink dropping me through this hole. I can still be of use to you and Pris, lemme be your man on the inside of BlueSun. There’s no point in trying to do the Delerium trade, after they find out about this misstep they will kill me anyways, so what do ya say? Lemme go and I can redeem myself. I still have many connections around this city that could benefit your cause.” Deakon flashes his shady Delerium-dealing grin at me, waiting for my response.

I though for a moment about what he said. He did have more connections than any one of the rest of the Resistance. He could be useful.

I smile back at him. “Ah fuck it.”

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I feel my fist shatter every bone in Deakon’s dumb spikey head before letting his lifeless rag-doll body fall into the sea of Red.


RIGHT CLICK open in new tab/window. Play Song.

“Thank you for your cooperation.”

Acid Bun shows his metal smile to a small room full of dead armed-guards and various other BlueSun personnel . The room was full of debris and bullet casings and T4 is typing away furiously at a console at the edge of the room. A large metal spherical structure dominates the center of the room.


“So T, what’s the situation on shutting this Gibson cock-blocker down?”

T4 doesn’t turn away from the console as he responds. “It seems that the only way to sever the signal this jammer is emitting would be a direct link to the structure’s core. I am equipped with net-running capabilities and can enter the system that holds this emitter and shut it down, while simultaneously acquiring the location of the Gibson super-computer.”

Acid Burn looks puzzled. “So you gotta go into cyberspace while I stay out her with my dick in my hands.” T4 looks at Ace blankly. “Affirmative, it should only take roughly 300 seconds to find the link and escape with the data we need. Master Burn, you will need to make sure the link isn’t severed on the outside while I am in the Net or my systems will fail and the data will be lost.” Acid Burn perked up and got a serious look on his face.

“I will NOT let that happen to you. Just…make it quick. We don’t know how long it will take for the rest of this facility to be clued into our break-in.”

“Affirmative.” T4 pulls out a retractable cable from the area where his neck would be and plugs it into the console that is connected to the Spherical signal scrambler. “I will return when the….how do you say…cock-block is eliminated.” T4 curls into a ball on the floor and his light changes to the color of deep purple. He is in the net.

Acid Burn chuckles at T4’s attempt at humor. “Ya know, that metal-menace is alright.” No sooner than the words leave his mouth, a large crash is heard behind him. Without thinking Burn whips around and fires a blast from his gun, narrowly missing the blur of a man who entered the room. T4 stays motionless, oblivious to the danger now at hand. A voice speaks from somewhere in the large metal room.

“Nice moves, but are you sure you don’t want to just lay your weapon down and avoid a greater amount of pain than is necessary?” Acid Burn knew the voice. From the light-rail station. It was Vincent Shin.

“Fuck you ya tiny Asian prick.”


Shin charges straight at Burn with his sword drawn. Ace frantically fires every blast his gun can throw at him but the man is too fast for him. Shin is now face to face with the metal-mouth giant and a sharp pain appears in his gut as he glances down at Vincen’t Vibroblade sticking in his stomach.

“You are a fool to think that insulting me would get you anywhere.” Vincent twists the blade causing a lightening bolt of pain through Acid Burn’s body. “I’m gonna let pain fester for as long as it takes you to apologize, then I’m gonna chop the head off your robot friend over there.”

Acid Burn looks towards T4 and back to meet Vincent Shin’s eyes. He can feel the warmth starting to leave his augmented body. It’s more than his his half-metal body has felt in years. He takes a deep breath and a little blood trickles through his metal teeth. “Ok Shin, cough I’m sorry.” Shin’s face twists into a grin.

“See, that wasn’t so hard was it?”

Acid Burn meets his grin with the widest metal-smile he could muster. “I’m sorry to have to do this to you.” Vincent’s face contorts into confusion as Acid Burn grabs him in a bear-hug and lifts the much smaller man up so his feet are off the metal floor.. His grip is so tight that Shin can’t move an inch, even with all his augmented strength. Acid Burn opens his gaping jaws and bites down as hard as he can on Vincent’s nose. Blood shoots from Shin’s face as he let’s out a scream. Over and over again Burn continues to bite into the ninja’s face, spitting out chunks of flesh until you can no longer recognize the man Ace holds in his huge arms. He let’s his grip go and Vincent’s body crumples to the cold ground. Shin writhes on the floor in pain with his hands over his face. He curls his body up into the fetal position and a burst of white steam comes from valves in his augmented suit, surrounding his tortured face. After a moment Shin passes out and lies motionless as a thin layer of Med-Gel coats the area where his face used to be. Silence.

Burn switches off the Vibroblade and removes it from his gut letting it fall from his fingers. “It’s gonna take a lot more than this shit to take me down.” He slowly stumbles over towards T4, step by step. One at a time and he sits down next to T4, placing a hand on the cold robot’s shoulder and the other gripping his gun pointed at the motionless body of Shin. After a moments he lets the gun naturally fall to his side and turns towards T4. “You better find what you’re looking for in there buddy.” He rests his eyes for a moment…

originally sent 05.13.2012 @ 7:06PM – -RP-



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