“Jokes, epic action, and Pop Culture references galore, this is one campaign you that would pop a VHS tape into your VCR and record it if you saw it playing on the Syfy Channel or Lifetime. So plug in, recharge your Augs, and take the red and blue pill at the same time, because this is gonna be a cyber adventure more memorable than attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion!” – Nobody


Cyberpunk City is a PBEM (play by email) campaign without too many rules. Basically one person writes what happens in the story following the main character Dick Reckard , an ex-cop with a drug problem. After a small chunk of the story is completed it is emailed to the next person and they continue the story and reply back. Neither of us know what the other person is going to type or which direction they are going to take the story in. It leaves the person receiving the next email to come up with creative (and sometimes hilarious) ways to get our hero out of sticky situations. The character page for Dick Reckard shows his up-to-date inventory and Augmentation energy supply for the current session. Hop over to the Adventure Log Tab to start reading!

Due to the blog format of the adventure log, to get the posts in chronological order I had to do the dates in reverse so click PREVIOUS instead of NEXT to go to the next entry in sequence. Original dates when they were first written are at the bottom of each post. It’s kind of like time travel if you think about it.

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Disclaimer: Since we use images, music and sometimes video in our emails as well as font changes and other distinct formatting to convey what we want, it may be difficult to upload the email entries with 100% accuracy to Obsidian Portal. I will try post the entries as we write them and do my best to retain their original style. Cyberlicious!

Cyberpunk City

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