Cyberpunk City

Session 027 - TE

Walking Between Two Worlds

Covered in sweat, blood, and red death I raced out of the warehouse and onto the back of the SCVultR8.

RIGHT CLICK open in new tab/window. Play Song.

The hover bike lurched forward down the crowded street and the contents of my stomach lurched onto the passing sidewalk. My vision is distorted and spinning. Shapes and colors dance across my eyes. I feel the Delerium seeping into my wounds. My high is nasty and my body is reaching its breaking point. People dive out the way and curses fill the air behind me as I speed along the road to HQ. I jack into the on board Nav computer and try to raise Pris.

Holocall connecting
The terminal you are trying to access has been taken offline.

“Fuck!” I punch the terminal screen, the contact of my fist sending sparks into the air from the tips of small wires that flap around through the broken glass. The contact of the bare wire to my knuckles sends a jolt through my body, sparking a strange part of my brain. I feel part of my conscious being sucked out of my brain. The same feeling that comes from jacking into the net. I stare at the bare wires for a moment before grasping them between my clenched fist. I feel my Netrunning programs boot up as I am sucked into the net….. or am I? I look up, the road still stretches before me. I notice the neon lights leaving trail lines as I race past. The air whipping past my face. My eyes un-focus for a moment and I can see with my conscious the neural lines of the net stretching out before my manifested body. My vision is that of two worlds. The real world races past me, while the Net is like a black and white translucent sheet that covers my eyes.

“What the fuck…..” I feel the strange part of my brain humming as an idea comes to the front of my mind. Without thinking I push outwards with my mind, plunging my conscious into a main line and racing off faster than the SCVult8R could ever go. I weave between two passing hover taxis, as my conscious trips two PASSes and reroutes my mind onto a defensive grid linked to Pris’ hub. I pop in and out of defensive files, most of them firewall data, some of them security feeds to the hideout. A link of the front doors camera plays before my eyes. The doors have been blown off their hinges and BlueSun goons swarm through the remnants of the smoldering wall. I quickly shuffle through every security feed until I find the one with Pris and the gang. They are all held up in the terminal room, tables flipped for cover, Ryath, Pris, Ken, and Vela locked and loaded, sights pointed at the barred metal door that’s holding out the BlueSun enforcers.

“Fuck! Fuck you Deacon you fragged slimy piece of shit!” My mind raced. Was there any way I was able to help? Before I came up with anything useful, a jolt shot through my brain and my vision turned static. A face appeared.


“You really are gifted Reckard. Unlike your pathetic friends. Come, let me show you”

My conscious was pulled so quickly that I thought it was going to rip out of my skull. I was a blur, travelling to fast to explain along the Net’s lines. Surging through numerous routers, sub-links, firewalls in a matter of seconds, I came to an abrupt stop, jolting my system, almost causing me to veer the SCVult8R into an oncoming hover car. I gazed around with my conscious, I was in a room I had never seen before. A large metal sphere dominates the majority of the room while numerous bodies scatter the floor. I noticed AcidBurn clenching his chest with one hand, crimson pouring over his fingers. His other hand is gripping his shotgun, Dragon’s breath ammo unleashing a wall of flaming phosphorous and buckshot towards the door way. T-4 is crouched next to him, firing my Flachette methodically. Their shots were responded with the bullets of BlueSun personal. The faces mechanical laughter floated around my head.

“Lets listen shall we?”

The sound of gun fire explodes all around.

“Get the fuck out of here ya damn idiot!” AcidBurn yelled while loading in more shells

“If I leave the odds of your survival are…”

Cutting of T-4 “I already have enough goons to take care of! Don’t make me force you out of here!”

T-4 blinked twice, staring into AcidBurn’s raging eyes. “Command accepted” T-4 stood and drove his fist into the ground, breaking the tile floor and exposing a small ventilation shaft. “I will, how do you express it, ‘miss’ your presence AcidBurn”

AcidBurn reached out a hand and shook T-4’s who presented his hand awkwardly.

“Don’t get soft on me now ya bucket of bolts” Acid Burn smiled, baring his bloody metallic teeth “Now get the fuck out of here!”

T-4 dropped into the vent and disappeared, Burn began unloading his shotgun with resolve, blowing away 3 goons who dared enter.


A blur raced into my view, behind AcidBurn, and a amped up aug fist exploded through the back of AcidBurn and out through his chest. I couldn’t see his face but I knew it was Shin. Acid Burn fell backwards as Shin removed his fist, a grin on Acid Burns face. Clenched in his hand were a string of N-Bomb grenades.

“For,….Ember….” A blue shimmering shield engulfed Shin as the video feed was cut by a devastating explosion. I was thrown out of the net, the sudden disorientation of my conscious reattaching to my body caused me to veer hard to the right, clipping the side of a building. I was tossed from the SCVult8R and fell 20 feet before landing in a pile of trash and decay. I groaned and looked in the distance, as I saw the black smoke and fire spewing from a large building. The mechanical laugh of the face echoed in my head.

originally sent 05.17.2012 @ 8:25PM – -TE-



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