Cyberpunk City

Session 028 - McK

Enders Game

Adrenaline and delerium were pumping through my veins, jacking into the SCVult drained what was left of my power…without the aid of my augs I felt the full weight of my banged up body.

RIGHT CLICK open in new tab/window. Play Song.

My spirit was willing, but the flesh failing. I laid there watching the smoke billow from the building. I looked at my red stained hand, unable to decipher blood from delerium…

The glow of the laser cutters pierced the large metal door; sparks flew as hot metal dripped to the ground and hissed.

“They’re coming in!” Ken yelled.

Pris in a commanding voice “Focus everyone!”

Vela was stern faced and positioned behind a table next to Ryath’s massive hover chair. She was holding an oversized Ordos-350 that dwarfed her in comparison. Ryath’s chair had been fitted with a gatling gun on each side.

The orange lines of the cutters met in the center, then silence. The door groaned falling inward and before it touched the ground both sides opened fire.

The barrage was deafening, Ken holding 2 Raptor Uzi’s unloaded both clips into doorway, taking cover to reload, the table bowed inward as it was filled with bullets.

Ryath’s gatling guns screamed with a flurry, tearing into the Blue Sun assault squad, blood and smoke filled the air. The enemy squad had created a barrier, an enforcer raised up from behind with a grenade in hand. A bullet split his wrist, causing him drop the grenade at his feet, sending the others in a scurry. He fumbled awkwardly with his other hand just in time to eat a face full of shrapnel. Vela readied herself to take another precision shot.

A row of riot shields carried by heavily armored Blue Suns crept to the threshold of the door forming a wall. A second row of troopers took aim over the shields sending everyone into cover. Ryath unable to dodge took a string of bullets into the arm and stomach. With no suppressing fire to keep them at bay, Blue Sun advanced. Pris crawled to the edge of the table and popped out with her shotgun spraying the explosive charges she had planted at the entrance of the door. The explosion knocked everyone to the ground, a high-pitched note sang in their ears. The smoke settled and the sounds gunfire faded back into awareness.

One after another they started to run out of ammo, first Ken then Pris. Unable to keep up, they lost their foothold, and the enemy advanced again.

Ryath’s guns went silent, the guns continued their hollow revolutions but he too was out of ammo. The main artillery was down; enforcers crept out of cover and began to make their final surge. Ryath took another cascade of bullets, as Vela looked back in horror. She stood up exposed and yelling in anger shooting trooper after trooper.

GET DOWN VELA!” Ryath yelled. She wasn’t going to listen, grabbing the joysticks he launched himself full speed towards the door, ramming into a row of infantry. Caught on the debris of dead bodies, the chair stalled. Heaving his body forward, Ryath stepped from his hover chair. Struggling with his own weight, he faltered. The titan let out a primal roar and charged on, pinning four enforcers against the wall.

“NO!!” Vela shouted.


Pris looked at Ken, “Do it! I’ll cover you guys!” she said while picking up an assault rifle. Ken grabbed Vela, and dragged her kicking and screaming.


Pris followed making her way out of the building and into the alley. A gunshot sounded from behind her, and turned to see an enforcer aiming down the sight of his pistol. The pain hadn’t set in, but the warm trickle of blood pooled in her foot…

“I told you to keep those eyes open Dick,” I looked up, it was Asimov.
“Oh…it’s you. Well you haven’t seen what I have; you might choose to keep your eyes shut. And as you can see I have all the delerium I need right now… I think.” I replied.
“I’m not afforded the luxury of choosing.” Said Asimov lifted his shades, revealing two mutilated empty sockets.
Asimov gave me a few parting words and hailed a cab, our chance meeting and the events of the past few nights ran through my head. The Johnny Cab robot tried to make small talk but I was too far gone to give a damn.

I reached the HQ but I knew already I was too late, the bodies of a dozen or so Blue Suns strewn about amongst the debris, no sign of anyone left. I found Ryath, lifeless and cold…but none of the others. I can only assume they were taken. I fumbled my way through the mess…exhausted I took a seat in Ryath’s hoverchair…
“Damnit…” I slam my fist down hard on the keyboard, the hoverchair chugged forward wedged on the body of an enforcer. “Huh? Still some juice left in this baby”…I flip open the access panel open revealing fuel cells. Jacked in I sit counting the moments…”That son of a bitch Asimov…” He must have slipped it in my pocket, one more delerium vile. I sat spinning the vile in my hand, knowing I had a lot of time to kill while I recharged my augs.

originally sent 05.21.2012 @ 11:03PM – -McK-



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