Dick Reckard

Hero (or anti-hero) of the story. We follow the story mostly from his perspective.


Inventory as of Session 029 (06.9.2012)
(Mouse over the name to see how many of each item Reckard has. For simplicity, weapons will either say EMPTY, LOW, MED, or HIGH for how much ammo he has left. Items that are Stroke Through are items that Reckard was carrying at one point but has since lost or isn’t carrying at the current time.


T4SNIPERRIFLE: Sniper rifle that fires pulse blasts that Reckard got from T4.

FLECHETTE: fires tiny darts that ignore heavier armor when they hit a target. It is an older model that does less damage than it should.

LAZ50: A heavy pistol that fires semi-automatic high caliber rounds that sound cool and cyberpunk when fired. Good for exploding heads.

SMG7: A 3-bullet burst fire sub-machine gun that is easy to handle and is a commonly used weapon. Very loud and not as accurate at a long range.

BRASS KNUCKLES: Standard issue.

STEAK KNIFE: Common steak knife that Reckard took from Pris’s Diner when out on the town. Last line of defense.

MATCH BOOK: Standard Match book from a Delerium Den he frequents.

DELERIUM: Drug that Reckard has a fondness for and most likely what keeps him from going on a Cyber-GTA run through NYC in the middle of the day.

CYBERSHADES3000: Cool ass cyber sunglasses.



Reckard used to be a cop but was kicked off the force. He now does odd jobs and PI work on the side to fuel his drug addiction. Some parts of his body are augmented from when he was a police officer to make him faster, stronger, etc. though it depletes his energy and he has to recharge after heavy use.

Dick Reckard

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